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A functional and also soul-stirring overview of reflection that provides a much-needed remedy to the compels of anxiety that bewilder numerous of us—from the New York Times successful writer of the “thoughtfully composed, persuasive” (USA TODAY) Psychological Knowledge and also popular reflection instructor,​ Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

Most of us experience unfavorable feelings periodically. Yet in a globe with as a lot craze and also stress as ours, it is exceptionally simple for these exact same feelings to ended up being devastating. Currently, by mixing Eastern custom with Western scientific research, Why We Practice meditation easily aids you accept and also know reflection as never ever in the past.

With easily obtainable and also eye-opening recommendations based upon innovative neuroscience, this guidebook aids you not just damage without unfavorable patterns of consideration and also actions yet radically accept your extremely being. Change your wellness, partnerships, and also heart with this book that’s best for both significant meditators and also those new to the exercise.


Get Epic Shit Done PDF Download Free in this Post from Telegram Link and Google Drive Link , Ankur Warikoo all English PDF Books Download Free, Get Epic Shit Done PDF in English, Get Epic Shit Done Summary, Get Epic Shit Done book Review

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How Can I Stop Comparing Myself to Others?

Student: Why is the world around us designed in a manner that we are good only when we are ‘better’ than others?
Teacher: We fall prey to such comparisons because we have built our worldview on two false assumptions instead of understanding the basic facts of life.
Student: Which are?
Teacher: The first incorrect assumption is that the world is a zero-sum game.
Student: What does a zero-sum game mean?
Teacher: It means that for one to win, another has to lose.
If my score is +1, your score has to be -1, so that the sum is zero.

Student: Isn’t that true?
Teacher: Far from the truth.
As a matter of fact, all of us can create as many wins for ourselves instead of waiting for someone else to lose.
The world has abundant opportunities.
Look at it historically and you will realize this.
Look at India itself. Our parents’ generation had it really hard. Their parents had it harder. In contrast, we sit on so many opportunities that they never experienced.
Student: That is such a beautiful way of putting it. Does it mean that instead of fighting for a bigger slice of pizza, I can have as many pizza slices as I want?
Teacher: Only metaphorically, yes 🙂

Student: Sounds interesting! What was the second incorrect assumption you were alluding to?
Teacher: It is a fact that all of us come across very different opportunities.
Which means, by default, we will all end up at different places because we started off differently.
Think of it this way: there is no one, absolutely no one on planet Earth who has the same characteristics as you do.
Your temperament, your capability, your choices, where you were born, your family, your upbringing, your luck – all are so unique to you that by design no one can be like you.
Since everyone started off differently, everyone by default will end up differently.
Student: Reminds me of the Taylor Swift song lyrics: You’re the only one of you, baby that’s the fun of you!!
Teacher (smiling): Yes!
Student: But I must confess this is hard to put into practice. When I see someone doing well, all I see is that someone else is winning and not me.
Teacher: This is what I ask myself when I see someone else winning:
If they earn more than me, will that be true forever?

Get Epic Shit Done PDF Download
If they have a job and I do not, does that mean I will never have a job?
If they happen to be in a lovely relationship, does that mean I will be lonely forever?
The answer to all of these questions is no.
Student: That’s helpful. But really not. I still feel I am not winning.
Where do I find that peace at that moment?
Teacher: The emotions that we humans go through are not permanent. What we feel today, we will not feel tomorrow.
However, what we feel today can either make us depressed or induce us to take action.
You see a friend with a good job and you don’t have a job?
Use that emotion to work harder to get a job.
Student: This sounds so easy to do! Yet why don’t we end up doing it?
Teacher: Because there is a deeper layer we have not yet uncovered. Ask yourself the following questions:
‘Why am I feeling bad?
Because they are doing well and I am not.’
‘Why do I feel that?
Because they have a job and I don’t have a job.’
‘How is that a bad thing?
If I do not have a job, it means I am not making money to fulfil my needs and wants.’
‘If I do not have a job now, does this mean I will not have a job ever?
Of course not, I am capable. I can get multiple jobs; it is just a matter of time and patience.’
‘Then why does someone else’s job make me feel so bad about myself?
Perhaps to me, they are successful and I am not.’
‘Is that the only definition of success?
Maybe. I do not know.’

Get Epic Shit Done PDF Download Free in this Post from Telegram Link and Google Drive Link , Ankur Warikoo all English PDF Books Download Free, Get Epic Shit Done PDF in English, Get Epic Shit Done Book Summary, Get Epic Shit Done book Review

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